“Cat Proverbs with Maskneco” [English ver.] for Kindle Now on Sale!

A book for anyone who wants to laugh and learn. Yon-koma(four-panel)
Manga, Maskneco. Maskneco and his friends introduce cat proverbs which
were inspired by the lives and experiences of our ancestors. It’s fun
and sometimes bittersweet.


I’ve been really amazed to learn there are so many cat proverbs not
only in Japan, but also all over the world.
As I was translating this book, I felt like I was a good friend of
these three lovely characters, Maskneco, Kuroi-kun and Shiroi-san.
Each of them has a totally different personality, but they really get
along with each other.
Please take a close look at every single panel of this manga. You’ll
find little tricks everywhere and I hope you’ll become a big fan of
the writer, Cana-chan and her friends.

Rifa Han (Translator)
December 2014

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